Community & Interfaith Engagement

Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh Faith, preached the principles of interfaith respect, dialogue and harmony. All Gurus that followed Guru Nanak continued this tradition. A Sikh respects and accepts all other world religions. Even today, at the Golden Temple (one of the holiest Gurdwaras in Sikh Religion), the four doors stand as they did hundreds of years ago when first designed by the fifth Guru – Guru Arjun. Open to all four corners of the world, to all people, and to all faiths.

Duncan S Sachdeva (Dir. Public Affairs), representing the Sikh Faith at an Interfaith Panel in a Southern California . May 2023.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass with Duncan S Sachdeva (Dir. Public Affairs) and other faith leaders at the City Hall to discuss the needs and solutions to some of our biggest challenges. May 2023.

Duncan S Sachdeva (Dir. Public Affairs) with faith leaders and LAPD. April 2023.

Congresswoman Karen Bass visiting Hollywood Sikh Temple. Pictured with Management Committee. October 2022.

At the Ninth Summit of the Americas. June 2022.

Iqbal Samra (President), Duncan S Sachdeva (Dir. Public Affairs), Councilmember Nithya Raman with Staff member and LAPD Deputy Chief Blake Chow. October 2021.