Our Mission

In achieving this vision we have made the following our mission:

  1. to help those in need.
  2. to provide help and guidance to enable those who may have drifted away from the Sikh Panth, to return.
  3. to provide a place for education for the community in spiritual, ethical and other Sikh morals.
  4. to provide a space where the community can gather for wholesome social interaction.
  5. ultimately to promote the Sikh Religion, Sikh brotherhood and all aspects of Sikh culture including teaching language, music and philosophies of The Sikhs.

In 1969 Dr. Marwah donated the building to establish the first Sikh temple in the United States since India’s Independence in 1947 to honor the 500th anniversary of the religion’s founder Guru Nanak, which was attended by then Councilman Tom Bradley.

On February 3rd, 2019, Dr. Marwah was honored by the City of Los Angeles with an honorary square named for him at the intersection of Vermont and Finley Avenues, the location of the Hollywood Sikh Temple.


The Management Committee is responsible for the efficient management, day-to-day operations, proper oversight of the resources and ultimately, its mission and purpose.