Sukhmani Saheb Path

The word Sukhmani is rendered to the language English as the “consoler of mind”. Sukhmani or titled as Gauri Sukhmani is found in Guru Granth Sahib after the musical measure of Gauri. It was a lengthy composition and composed by the Guru Arjan. It is included in their daily regimen of players. If the entire poem has been translated into the English language, then the most preferred title would be the “Pslam of Peace” or “Song of peace”.

The entire Sukhmani is comprised of 24 ashtapadis or cantos, and each canto comprises eight stanzas. By the whole preaching of Sukhmani, one of the most vital and fundamental texts of faith or beliefs of Sikhs are presented through the complete teachings of Sikhism. Each Ashtapadi or canto has their fresh vision to impart and most obviously a meticulous truth to unfold. The entire text of Sukhmani could be regarded as the complete reiteration of the significant basic themes as an example of Divine Immanence, a profusion of grace, the merit of devotion, God’s succoring hands of grace and last but not the least holy companionship and humility. Besides offering the religious services, the Gurudwara Sahib is also associated with the daily life of the general citizens. They used to stretch their hands every time when they need their assistance and help.

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